update: march

Good evening! Things have been so busy for me. First, some very exciting news. I was lucky enough to be accecpted as an intern at a local art museum! Bless my St.s!! I am so happy to be interning on one of the cities oldest, and most fabulous museums in town. I work in the education department which I adore so much! I mostly deal with a lot of behind the scenes work at the museum which I very much enjoy. Most of my time has been occupied by my internship and school, and I am very happy my mind is being creative and innovative. I really haven't had time to complete any personal projects. Which makes me a bit sad. However, there is this long weekend coming up where I will be able to tend to all of my neglected projects. Looking forward to that weeknend!

Sometimes, I get off from the museum early, and I allow myself to wonder through the galleries. There is this wonderful Mexicano exhibit in the east gallery. I wondered this part of the gallery alone for about fifteen minutes until I head another being's footsteps. There is something so refreshing, and soothing about being alone in a gallery. I feel lost in the story of each piece. 



Summer is slowly inching its way here in Tejas. Hooray! I adore the sun. I feel so achy and lonely when I don't get to see/feel sun rays. There has also been an unusual amount of cold/rainy days for this time of year. I do find myself complaining about them, yet I know I shouldn't be because by mid summer I will be craving some rain. I should also be thankful like the garden, wild plants, and trees. I I know they are so happy for all the rain. 

 the earth feels like refreshed greens and dizziness.
Summer meal 
the bottom right: delicious pizza I made with some discounted tomatoes and garden rosemary! YUM! I gobbled the little sucker up. Also feat. my 3D design project. I am going to crochet some giant poufs. 

be well this last week of March! 

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