I wanted to paint a pumpkin to celebrate Halloween in Texas. It's a little goofy, but I am very satisfied with the final results.

I also mentioned in a previous post that a road trip would be in order if cocorosie ever toured in a neighboring city or sate. Luckily, they did tour in a neighboring city this past Sunday, and my sister and I drove three hours and stayed over night in an unknown city.  I am sad to report that the morning and drive was very stressful for both of us.  However, after we finally got into the city, settled in the hostel, and claimed our spots in the music venue, it was a very pleasing experience. I tried not to close my eyes through out the performance because I wanted to remember every moment that happened on that stage. I wanted every bit of magic from that show to seep into my heart. In some way, I can still feel a bit of  their fairy dust on my eyelashes. And when I close my eyes I can picture myself sailing away on crystal light from the show. 
A photo with the very, very talented beat boxer, ♥♥ TEZ ♥♥. lookin' fre$h

A photo with the mesmerizing trumpet player and pianist Takuya Nakamura

I don't think I can ever show my gratitude for cocorosie, especially for Takuya-san and TEZ, for doing a States tour. I hope it is not another three years until they tour again. 
happy girls, lovely rina and I, before the show

please excuse my goofy faces. 
Be well this first week of November. 

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