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I made a little collage and a little drawing instead of studying. YIKES! Recently, I've had a bad habit of letting things distract me from my school work. Shame on me! I feel a little guilty making this collage (and sketching) because I know I can be more productive with my time. Sigh. The middle of the school term is always difficult for me. My mind is too focused on other things like the crisp nights where I can almost see my breath, or all the heavenly smells that fill the air. With a passionate sunset and a seductive moon peeking at you from the blinds, I find it very easy to be distracted away from lecture notes or chapter readings. The grass beckons me to run wild and barefoot in it, and the trees are begging for a glorious game of hide and seek. I am also delighted with all the squashes and pumpkins that are in season. Culinary heaven for me!
  kawaii gif photo: teddy gif mzmzmzmzmz.gif some of my favorite jams keeping me company tonight:
(oldies but goodies!)

here is the little drawing!happy third week of October!
 photo E33_fen_12_zpsb99178e9.gif

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