whenever I hear this song I feel the little sorrows in my heart melt away

Bianca Casady and Serria also known as CocoRosie.
My favorite song from my favorite sisters. I had the honor of being able to see them preform, but my sour attitude ruined the well anticipated evening. I would love to see them again, and I will not let my silly temper get the best of me. I am quite certian I could see these gals a thousand times and still be well entertained. Of course if they ever toured to a neighboring city, perhaps even neighboring state, a road trip would be absolutely necessary.

My room has piled up with clothes and just about anything else one can think of. It is in some serious need of cleaning and reorganization. Something I can only do when in the right mood. With that being said, I am sure having a second hand shopping spree is totally unnecessary and out of the question. Of course it is. Which is why I will not buy a thing. 

oops. too late.

I picked up this cute, little straw bag. I feel that this accessory is best suited for warmer weather. oh well. (︶ω︶)

I also picked up some new books.

This was not picked up at a any thrift store. It was given to me for my birthday from my sister. What a wonderful gift!!!! I was so happy to receive it, and I cannot wait to show it off.
(´◡`) ✿ ‿✿  (◡‿◡❁)


  1. Hey! Stranger happy extremly late birthday!

  2. what a cute Moomin bag! moomins are Finnish like me yay(im so proud of that i always say that haha)!! and your night sky book looks magical, i can't get enough of stars and space.


  3. Hey Josh! thanks so much! ❁❁❁

    Ms. Selina I am very jealous of you!! Unfortunately, it is very hard to find Moomin anything in The States because the Moomins are not very well known here. and I'd love to collect more books about the stars and sky! ✿✿✿

  4. pretty presents. you have good sisters, yes i think. and i see cocorosie in denmark, beautiful girls.

  5. Nea, my sister knows what presents I like the best. and i could fly away on a cloud listening to cocorsoie ✿✿✿