I've been feeling very lethargic and indecisive lately. Perhaps it is the change in season, or even the fact that the year is slowly coming to an end? Even the local weather shares similar symptoms. However, I am now noticing the leaves begin to fall, (finally) and the night's air becoming more chilly. It is strange because these are usually characteristics of autumn. The beginning of December is associated with being bundle up in scarfs and warm pull overs and even a snowy scenery. My adoration of cold weather is shaken every time fierce winds send shivers down my spine, reminding me of how much of a wimp I am, and how I long for the sun's rays.

some delightful music/a.k.a.songs I can't get enough of:

The school fall term is coming to an end, and once again I am unsure of what to do with all the excess free time coming my way. I want to stay busy, reading, baking, cooking, crafting, creating art, writing letters, going on adventures, but I have a feeling all I will want to do is laze around in my bedroom for a few days. We all need our lazy days I suppose.

I find myself swooning and sighing too often, and remembering months earlier when I traveled over seas . Too often I wonder where the open flea markets, or the late night cafes are in my neighborhood.

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  1. I know what you are going through, these days have been tiring.
    Take care!