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Miranda July has been a long time beloved idol and inspiration of mine. I first fell in love with her back in 2008, when I saw her first full length featured film titled "You and Me and Everyone We Know". The film follows two strangers: a struggling artist and shoes sales man, and the differnt relationships sourrounding their lives. Stunning characters and and a heartwarming story, I was immeditly hooked to Ms. July's work. I picked up her collection of short stories titled No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories. The book has been my most cherished possesion over the years, and I have graciously passed it along to many friends, and anyone willing or wanting to read it.
"You And Me And Everyone We Know "

"The Future"

 But of course her talents do not just lie in writing proses or directing and writing films. She is also a preforming artist, an actress, but most of all a story teller. She has a powerful yet delicate way of speaking to her audience. Whatever her choice of medium, Ms. July will always finds a way to gracefully seep into her auidnces' hearts.
 The Hallway


"Are You The Favorite Person of Anybody?"

 Ms. July and Harrell Fletcher created a website back in 2001 titled Learning To Love You More. In short, it was an online art collaboration project that posed up 70 different assignments for anyone with and email address to participate in. But it was much more than that. It was a community of creative individuals and innovative thinkers.  A book under the same name was published in 2007, and the project officially ended in 2009.
The photos below are from assignment #63: Make an encouraging banner. We all need to be uplifted and rejuvenated every so often. Some more than others. And a few kind words from an unknown author can really bring sunshine to someone's gloomy day.

 1.Wheat Wurtzburger and Anna Kerlin 2.Gregg Symons 3.Kajola Morewood and Trish Mau 4.K-ho 4. Erin Orsztynowicz 5.Nick 6.Juliet 7.Katie and Carolina 8.Anna Lee Kerlin

Learning To Love You More official website
Miranda July's official website
Please note that I do not take credit for any of the photographs posted. All credit belongs to the original artist(s). (whom ever they may be)


  1. How fun it would be to be apart of the Learning To Love You More project.
    Let's do it anyways!