I adore these stunning digital collages. The talented Matt Wisniewski is the artist responsible for these creations. Combinding the human body and natural elements of the earth, Mr. Wisniewski creates these breathtaking photographs. These pieces of artwork are passionate and romantic. It is like being whisked to day dream.

Summer is slowly coming to end. Even though the school term has started, I still have a plentiful amount of leisure time. Hopefully this plentiful time will be used for studying and reading. Although the weather is not much of an indicator, I can tell fall is carefully creeping upon us once again. Soon the leaves will start dripping off trees like maple syrup. Scarfs and pullovers will emerge from the closet. Soups and hot cups of tea will keep me warm from autumn's kisses.
adiu summer

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  1. It's time for that hauntingly nostalgic Mr. Ink Spots song to be on repeat in the house.

    I like these collages. They remind me that we are one with nature.
    and we are friends to to cosmos.
    It's time we realized the great power of one, all formulas equalize under the sun.