These are some photographs that I took during my visit to Savannah, Georgia. ((I finally have scanned them into my computer.)) My sister and I went during mid March, which was also when the St. Patti's Day celebration was going on. Savannah has one of the largest St. Patti's Day parade in the nation! We went with our good friend Taley and got to visit with her family.

Some historic buildings downtown. Some of them look kind of haunted, ne?

The beach at Savannah was beautiful. We got to spend a full day at the beach soaking up some sun rays. Unfortunteally, it was too cold to swim or splash around in the water.

This photograph has an interesting story. My sister and I were sitting down admiring some buildings, when these two men came up to us asking if we were doing a seance. (probably due to what we were wearing, we did look like little gypsies c;) They then asked if I would take a picture of them. I agreed and waited for them to hand me a camera, but they just posed together. I realized that they wanted me to take a picture of them with my camera. So i did!

my lovely sister rina

I had so much fun during this little trip. Where will I visit next? c :
(all the photos were taken by me and my Zenit ET.)


  1. Beautiful, inspiring photography. I love how each photo has such a cool mood :)

    1. thank you very much Ms. Erica!