There is a remedy for everything; its called death.
Existe un remedio para tudo o que e chamado morte.
Better alone than in bad company.
Melhor sozinho do que mal acompanhado.

Love is one thing, knowledge is another.

Know the world in yourself.
Never look for yourself in the world,
for this would be to project your illusion.

A frog in the well does not know the great sea.

Spilt water does not return to the tray.

Better to live with certainty than in the hope.
Betre å bu i vissa enn i håpet.
There is nothing so bad that it cannot be worse.
Alder fører sikkert til det som er verre.

These are some proverbs from different countries that I found inspiring.

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  1. my favorite japanese proverb is 七転び八起き
    *fall down seven times, get up eight