the colors of april

colors of april 


 slowly drift away as i 

think of you all day 

update: march

Good evening! Things have been so busy for me. First, some very exciting news. I was lucky enough to be accecpted as an intern at a local art museum! Bless my St.s!! I am so happy to be interning on one of the cities oldest, and most fabulous museums in town. I work in the education department which I adore so much! I mostly deal with a lot of behind the scenes work at the museum which I very much enjoy. Most of my time has been occupied by my internship and school, and I am very happy my mind is being creative and innovative. I really haven't had time to complete any personal projects. Which makes me a bit sad. However, there is this long weekend coming up where I will be able to tend to all of my neglected projects. Looking forward to that weeknend!

Sometimes, I get off from the museum early, and I allow myself to wonder through the galleries. There is this wonderful Mexicano exhibit in the east gallery. I wondered this part of the gallery alone for about fifteen minutes until I head another being's footsteps. There is something so refreshing, and soothing about being alone in a gallery. I feel lost in the story of each piece. 



Summer is slowly inching its way here in Tejas. Hooray! I adore the sun. I feel so achy and lonely when I don't get to see/feel sun rays. There has also been an unusual amount of cold/rainy days for this time of year. I do find myself complaining about them, yet I know I shouldn't be because by mid summer I will be craving some rain. I should also be thankful like the garden, wild plants, and trees. I I know they are so happy for all the rain. 

 the earth feels like refreshed greens and dizziness.
Summer meal 
the bottom right: delicious pizza I made with some discounted tomatoes and garden rosemary! YUM! I gobbled the little sucker up. Also feat. my 3D design project. I am going to crochet some giant poufs. 

be well this last week of March! 

Hullo and  H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

I am still on winter break from school. I am enjoying sleeping in and baking breads and sweets (well because I finally have the time) I am just the same silly, childish, wispy lady. I actually do not have any new year's resolutions, yet. Although I am sure I could think of a few  ☆*✲゚*。(((´♡‿♡`+)))。*゚✲*☆

Christmas gifts! My parents bought me a beautiful variety of succulents 
and a cactus. So precious. I have not bought any pots for them yet, 
but it is on my list of things to do 

A cute cup my friend Jessica brought me. The 'I' kind of looks
hand painted, doesnt it? 

 My sister bought me a hair pin that has The Starry Night by van Gogh,
 and a body spray that is titled, 'forest magic'. It smells very earthy. 

annnnd I was so excited to receive this book my sister also
brought for me. The Summer Book by Tove Jansson. Jansson
of course is the creator of the Moomins, which I adore so much!
This year will also be Jansson's 100th anniversary. 
Read more about it here 

I have also started a photo project this year. The title of the project is The Sky of 2014. It project will be completed via photo blog. I try to post the pictures as I take them, but I am so forgetful! I am excited to see how the project will turn out. you can view the project here ✿ ꒡ .̮ ꒡

okay well now I am off to cook a yummy quiche. Be well ♡♡♡♡♡♡


currently, my favorite way to style my hair
a song that is very dear to my heart

A haiku, chilled grass numbs bare feet /hide and go seek with flushed cheeks/ cold midday kisses
I wanted to paint a pumpkin to celebrate Halloween in Texas. It's a little goofy, but I am very satisfied with the final results.

I also mentioned in a previous post that a road trip would be in order if cocorosie ever toured in a neighboring city or sate. Luckily, they did tour in a neighboring city this past Sunday, and my sister and I drove three hours and stayed over night in an unknown city.  I am sad to report that the morning and drive was very stressful for both of us.  However, after we finally got into the city, settled in the hostel, and claimed our spots in the music venue, it was a very pleasing experience. I tried not to close my eyes through out the performance because I wanted to remember every moment that happened on that stage. I wanted every bit of magic from that show to seep into my heart. In some way, I can still feel a bit of  their fairy dust on my eyelashes. And when I close my eyes I can picture myself sailing away on crystal light from the show. 
A photo with the very, very talented beat boxer, ♥♥ TEZ ♥♥. lookin' fre$h

A photo with the mesmerizing trumpet player and pianist Takuya Nakamura

I don't think I can ever show my gratitude for cocorosie, especially for Takuya-san and TEZ, for doing a States tour. I hope it is not another three years until they tour again. 
happy girls, lovely rina and I, before the show

please excuse my goofy faces. 
Be well this first week of November. 

La Lovely

I made a little collage and a little drawing instead of studying. YIKES! Recently, I've had a bad habit of letting things distract me from my school work. Shame on me! I feel a little guilty making this collage (and sketching) because I know I can be more productive with my time. Sigh. The middle of the school term is always difficult for me. My mind is too focused on other things like the crisp nights where I can almost see my breath, or all the heavenly smells that fill the air. With a passionate sunset and a seductive moon peeking at you from the blinds, I find it very easy to be distracted away from lecture notes or chapter readings. The grass beckons me to run wild and barefoot in it, and the trees are begging for a glorious game of hide and seek. I am also delighted with all the squashes and pumpkins that are in season. Culinary heaven for me!
  kawaii gif photo: teddy gif mzmzmzmzmz.gif some of my favorite jams keeping me company tonight:
(oldies but goodies!)

here is the little drawing!happy third week of October!
 photo E33_fen_12_zpsb99178e9.gif